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New websnapr code – more security for your visitors!

As premium customer, you can still use our snapshots without any preview page.

To offer your visitors even more added value when using websnapr, you can now integrate websnapr snapshot with JavaScript. The advantage of the new code is that snapshots are always automatically linked to a web page preview.

With this new preview page your users can instantly visualize the page they will be led to before clicking. In addition, we check whether the linked web page is a phishing or malware page.

Advantages of the new websnapr code

  • Displays page previews
  • More security for your users through phishing and malware check of linked web pages
  • The preview page opens in a new window
  • Links are set to rel="nofollow"

How to integrate and use the new websnapr code

To use the new websnapr code, integrate the following JavaScript code in the head of each page you want to include snapshots.

	<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.websnapr.com/js/websnapr.js"></script>

In order to display the snapshot on your site, add the following JavaScript code to the web page location of your choice. The values for URL, websnapr, API Key and size must be adjusted accordingly.

<script type="text/javascript">wsr_snapshot('http://URL', 'websnapr API Key', 'Size');</script>

Valid sizes:

  • Tiny = t (90x70 Pixel)
  • Small = s (202x152 Pixel)

If you don’t have a websnapr API Key you can request it on the following website.

websnapr Bubble users

Websnapr Bubble users also have to renew their code. Please visit the following page and generate your personal Bubble code: Bubble Code.