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websnapr free services

The websnapr.com free service will be discontinued soon.
The professional service remains available.

websnapr Professional Services

Websnapr Professional Services are the perfect solution for web directories, portals, blogs, and in general, every professional website. With more than 4,000,000,000 delivered screenshots (snaps), websnapr is one of the most successful professional capture web apps on the market.

General websnapr Professional advantages:

  • dedicated high performance server cluster exclusively for our customers
  • no setup fees
  • advertisement & branding free
  • reliable, fast & easy to implement

Comparison of websnapr services

Advanced Premium
Snap impressions per month 500,000 Unlimited
Branding in the snapshot None None
Available snapshot sizes Micro (90x70) Small (202x152) Medium (400x300) Large (640x480) All sizes up to 1024x768 in aspect ratio 4:3
Caching period of snapshots 14 days 14 days by default, customization possible
Contract minimum duration 6 months 6 months
Monthly rate in USD $45 ($0.00009 per impression) OR in EUR 30€ (0.00006€ per impression) Starting at $45 depending on your requirements
Payment options PayPal (in advance) PayPal International money wire
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If you would like to use Websnapr Advanced (500,000 snap impressions per month) please sign up for our service via this subscription form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with the final steps in order to complete the setup of your account.

For just $45 (or 30€) per month you will get your own account on our premium server cluster with these advantages:

  • 500,000 snapshot impressions
  • No branding in the snapshots, completely free of advertisements
  • 4 snapshot sizes: micro (90x70), small (202x152), medium (400x300), large (640x480)

Payment will be done via PayPal in advance. Please choose if you would like to be charged in USD or EURO. You are not allowed to store the snapshots locally on your own servers. According to your submitted website we will set up your unique snapping url (example syntax: http://your-subdomain.websnapr.com).

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  • Monthly rate
    45 USD ($) for 500,000 snap impressions
    6 months in advance = 270 USD ($)

    for customers from Germany and private buyers from foreign countries plus 19% VAT
  • Your snapping url http://.websnapr.com/

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  • Contact us for Websnapr Premium

    In case your project demands special requirements which are not covered by websnapr Advanced, our screenshot-service is fully customizable for your needs. If your service will request millions of snapshots per day, an own server cluster may possibly be a suitable solution for you.

    Our Premium service includes:

    • High traffic usage - If your website gets thousands of page impression per hour and you need more than 500,000 snap impressions.
    • High resolution snaps - Do you need your screenshots to be larger than 640x480? Feel free to ask for our customized solutions! We provide snaps up to 1024x768 in aspect ratio 4:3.
    • Shorter caching - Snaps get updated more frequently than every 14 days.
    • Other storing options - If you would like to request snapshots via script and store them on your own storage device, please contact us.

    Please provide some information about your service/project and your special requirements (high traffic, snap sizes, caching duration etc.):




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