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websnapr Free Service FAQ

Error messages

Limit exceeded?

If you received a "limit exceeded" message instead of your requested snapshot, then perhaps you have exceeded your quota of free snapshots, you are not registered as a websnapr-user or you aren't using your personal websnapr key.

Please contact us for information about our premium services if your website is requesting more than 100.000 snapshots in 30 days.

I sometimes receive a “forbidden request” message after a while. What's the problem?

To prevent abuse, the number of new screenshots a website may request per time period is limited. But don’t worry. Just wait a bit and then try requesting images again.

I only requested very few images but I still keep receiving the “forbidden request” message.

Please check if you’ve requested a malformed URL or an URL that websnapr.com cannot capture (for instance an internal IP address).


The screenshot of my website is way out of date. Is there a way to refresh it?

Screenshots of websites are cached for a certain period of time (at the moment 30 days). Right now there is no way to force a refresh. If it is important to you to receive updated screenshots in more frequent intervals, you might be interested in our premium services. Screenshots of our premium service users will get updated on a more frequent basis. Contact us for details.

How long will an image stay in cache?

Cached images will be updated from time to time. There is no way to force an update manually.

How much does websnapr cost?

The use of websnapr is absolutely free.

If your project demands special requirements (for example a higher amount of screenshots), we provide a premium service which includes a user fee. Within this premium service we can customize the application according to your needs. In this case please use our Premium Services form.

May I include websnapr in my commercial web application?

Sure, that’s fine with us. But be aware, that you can only request a limited amount of screenshots and that you are not permitted to include websnapr on websites containing illegal, adult or offensive contents.

My JavaScript knowledge is a bit outdated. Can you help me implementing the websnapr Bubble on my website?

We’re afraid not. Please keep in mind that websnapr offers this service to you for free.

Why do I need register with websnapr.com?

Registering with websnapr.com brings you many benefits:

  1. The basic service is absolutely free
  2. We can inform you of important updates.

I’ve embedded a really cool flash application on my website. Why doesn’t it get captured?

For technical reasons websnapr cannot capture flash or any other embedded ActiveX components. JavaScript-Applications will also not be captured.

I’m a user of [URL of Website]. The websnapr bubbles on the site really bother me. Please remove them.

Sorry, websnapr.com only offers the service, but no concrete implementation. Please refer to the website owner in such cases.

I captured my website, but all I get is a blank page. What went wrong?

Please note, that websnapr will not follow Javascript or Meta-Refresh-Redirects. If you use such forms of redirects, only the redirect page itself (usually a blank page or a page with very little content) will get captured.

I really like your service. But the “websnapr.com” Message in the thumbnails bothers me. Is there a way to remove it?

Yes. Please check out our Premium Services. We offer a white label option with no messages displayed or a setup with your own unique phrase.