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You can request screenshots with your key using our simple API - but please always bear in mind our Terms and Conditions:

To use the websnapr code, integrate the following JavaScript code in the head of each page you want to include snapshots.

	<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.websnapr.com/js/websnapr.js"></script>

In order to display the snapshot on your site, add the following JavaScript code to the web page location of your choice. The values for URL, websnapr, API Key and size must be adjusted accordingly.

<script type="text/javascript">wsr_snapshot('http://URL', 'websnapr API Key', 'Size');</script>

No key? Get yours here - It's free and there is no catch - honestly!

Valid sizes:

  • Tiny = t (90x70 Pixel)
  • Small = s (202x152 Pixel)
For other sizes please check our Premium Services.


  • websnapr Preview Bubble v3.0 beta: The fastest and most convenient way to use websnapr is our Bubble 3.0. Offer instant visualization of website screenshots to your web site's visitors with just one line of code! Click here to set up a bubble for your web site in no time. Author: Websnapr.com.